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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am Grateful for Many Things!

Quote By Gordon B. Hickley

"Be grateful. How thankful we ought to be.

How comfortably we live. How very easy is life compared to what it once was

. . . . We have it so easy, so pleasant, so delightful.

We ride in cars that are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What a great season in the history of the world this is in which to be alive and in which to be young. "Sometimes I wish that I were as young as you are -- and then when I think of what I have been through I am glad I am not. But what a wonderful season to be alive. . . .

[We have] the miracles of medicine,

the miracles of science,

the miracles of communication, transportation, education --
what a wonderful time in which to live. Of all of these wondrous, challenging things with which we live, I hope you regard it a blessing to be alive in this great age of the world. . . . I hope you walk with gratitude in your hearts, really. Grateful people are respectful people. Grateful people are courteous people. Grateful people are kindlypeople.

Be grateful."

- Gordon B. Hinckley


Scrappy Girl said...

I am not LDS but through blogging I have learned to love Gordon Hinckley and his wise words. We DO live in a great time!

Ann Marie said...

I love this post!!
I may have to steal the idea oneday next week. Hope you don't care..

Wow! Scrappy girl isn't LDS.. I so thought so! What made me think that?? Maybe just because she is such a nice sweet chick..

We have almost made to Twilight day! I hope your ready! Let the craziness begin!!!

Cherie said...

Great Post Sondra. I like the way you put the pictures with the quote.
I know I am VERY grateful for my home, car, and lifes comforts in general, especially when compared to 100 years ago.

Robyn said...

As always- your post made me count my blessings. You have really helped me get into the spirit of thanksgiving this year!

Sondra said...

Ann Marie - No problem - you can use this idea.

Scrappy Girl - I am glad you love Gordon B Hinckley too. He was an amazing man and prophet. I loved listening to him - it always uplifts me. When I am down - all I have to do is read some talk of his or a book of his and I am much better.

I have to admit that this month's theme of Gratitude has been very good for my well being. I am going to continue adding gratitude blogs - it does help me count my blessings! I don't believe there is anything better then having an attitude of gratitude in my life. It will be a good month to look back at to always lift my spirit.


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