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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cars, Airplanes, Movies, Happy Dances - it's a crazy life

Thursday when I returned home from work, I found out my car - a Pontiac Bonneville was broken and would not start. I also have a work car that his a Ford Escort station wagon and it is small. I have a very small single garage which I park my work car in full of supplies (plus my Bonneville would never fit) and I park my Bonneville in the area in front of the garage. Every time I go to work with my white work car, I have to back out my Bonneville then take out my work car, shut the garage doors and re-park my Bonneville. Yes, it is a little bit of work - but I like having my work car in my very small garage.
Any whooo - Thursday my Bonneville would not start. It would try - but wouldn't connect to the roar of the engine. I had to park my work car on the street because the Bonneville blocks the garage. I called my wonderful mechanic, Dan at Eur-Asian Motors and asked if they had time to take my car. They did and so I called my insurance agent and scheduled a tow. It was very windy - up to 50 miles per hour - when the tow truck came to pick up my car (poor tow truck man). He loaded my car and took it down to Dan.

This was Thursday, the night of the midnight Twilight party. I was suppose to come home and take a nap - but ended up getting all hyped up from car problems that I was unable to calm down enough to take any type of nap.

Friday, Dan called and told me that he started the car no problem... Great - doesn't that always happen? I told him of some things I noticed and he said it would check it out. Friday while we were getting ready for my 2nd viewing of Twilight, I received a phone call from Dan. They had my car fixed - it was the fuel pump and fuel filter. He checked to see if I could come and get my car - I couldn't because we were waiting for the movie. Dan told me he would meet me Saturday to pick up my car so I would have it on the weekend. He is so good to me -- How many times can you say that about a car mechanic?? Total cost was $368 - he said he wished I would quit having to have my cars fixed - but I said it was MUCH better then a car payment (which is true). Jason took me down Saturday to pick up my car (what a good son). When we got home with the car, we watched Iron Man. I had a tough time staying awake... I am still trying to recover from the late night Thursday - watching Twilight and getting up at 5AM that morning.

Since I am a divorced mom and have children, Brady has to spend a weekend every month at this Dad's house. This weekend was Brady's weekend to spend with his Dad in Salt Lake City, Utah. He flies to Salt Lake City on Southwest Airlines. He left at 7:00 AM Saturday morning, which meant we had to be up by 5:00 AM to get ready and be to the airport by 6:00 AM.

On Friday morning after staying up until 3AM for Twilight, I got up at 6:10 AM and made breakfast for Brady and went back to bed while he continued to get ready for school. At 7AM we pray together and read the scriptures before he goes to school. I got up again to pray - but I just didn't have it in me to read the scriptures (my eyes could not focus). He left for the bus and I went back to bed for another hour. I had to get up at 8AM to print Brady's airplane ticket. I originally thought Brady was going at 8AM Saturday morning and you can only print the ticket 24 hours in advance. When I got up I found out I was an hour late because he actually was scheduled at 7AM - I was worried that he would be last in line but it worked out that he was still in the A group.

Saturday we were up at 5AM to shower and ate breakfast then off to the airport. We arrived around 6AM and the airport was busy crazy. I told Brady to stand in the security line while I went to get my escort pass. I thought he understood that when he was at the front of the line to let people ahead of him and wait until I made it back with my pass. When I came back I looked and looked and couldn't see him - so I had to go to the back of the line. Brady went on through security - I saw him while waiting in line. I tried and tried to call him on his cell phone - but it was turned off. While I was still waiting in the security line, he FINALLY called me, I told him to go ahead to his gate because they would be loading in 10 minutes and if I made it then I would see him - if not then have a great trip. Of course, when I finally go there - he had already boarded. I was sad he was gone and I went through all that line to completely be useless to him in the terminal.

Brady has been flying to SLC every month since he was 4 years old. When he was 4 he traveled with a family friend who flew into SLC once a month and we scheduled the visits around him. When he turned 5 he was able to fly as an unaccompanied minor. He has been flying once a month for 10 years and now it is NO BIG DEAL for this little traveler.

He is getting to the point where is doesn't particularly like going anymore. He has always preferred to stay home - because his Dad isn't a good Dad at all -- hmmmm maybe that is why I am divorced. Any whooo I have a feeling it is coming to a close because at age 14 a child can make a choice. If Maurice had any parenting skills and really cared for his son - it would be a different story -but he isn't a very caring person - he doesn't really show any interest in being proud of his son or noticing how big he is getting, how smart he is... he never is proud of his son. He really doesn't have a relationship with his son on any personal level... Which is completely sad that he hasn't been a Dad during all of the many weekends for 10 years. (It's a long story that I won't write here - but that is the jest of it).

Brady returned Sunday at 4:45 PM which is hard for me this year because our church time is 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. I was able to attend sacrament meeting but no other classes.

Sunday was a HAPPY day - yes major HAPPY DANCES!!! I was released as a Relief Society Teacher - woo hoo... If you have been following my blog, you may know that I have really struggled being in Relief Society and Sunday School since I have been released as Primary President. I don't know why it is so very difficult for me ??? it just is ... I think teaching only once a month doesn't keep me motivated - or something.

WELL.... Yippeeeeee I have been called to be a PRIMARY TEACHER again... Oh happy dance. I'm not quite sure what class yet as they are moving things around. For me... I am needed and feel useful in Primary - to teach children... that is what I LOVE.... I am excited beyond words!!!
I couldn't stay to be set apart (a Priesthood Blessing by a member of our Bishopric) because I had to leave to pick up Brady from the airport. Brother Newby said he would come by my home that evening and Home Teach us and set me apart in my home if it was OK with the Bishop.
On the way from the Airport, Jason and Sharon called me and asked where I was (Luckily I wasn't in church with my cell phone going off). They had the Movie "Get Smart" and wanted to watch it with me. When we came home I started dinner and they put in the movie. The movie is great (Brady and I saw it at a dollar show and loved it). It is REALLY funny - I love Steve Carell.

Brother Newby came over and he was able to set me apart. I LOVE Priesthood blessings, it is so great to have this power available to us. I love when he comes and Home Teaches us... He is a great man!! I sent him home with lots of videos to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday - better then renting.. (Brother Newby's wife is also our piano teacher).

It has been a busy weekend... I am still tired from my late night Twilighting, early morning Saturday and my mom called me at 8:50 AM Sunday morning - no sleeping in for me (boo hoo)... I'm just not used to hardly any sleep. I think that is why we have children when we are young and not old like me.. NOT sleeping is a killer... LOL.


Cherie said...

I agree not sleeping is painful!!

I had no idea Brady had been flying once a month to SLC since he was just a little guy. What a trooper you both are!

You are a great mom Sondra - I like how you write so candidly about your life. You are pretty amazing!

Robyn said...

You are not the only one with car troubles- I ran out of gas on the way to Poky because my fuel gauge is broken or something!! So embarrassing! :) I love the M&M turkeys. You are such a creative mom- just like mine.


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