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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Review "Written in the Stars" by Michele Ashman Bell

I enjoy books by Michele Ashman Bell and "Written in the Stars" was no different. It was a great story about the life of how hard it is to be married to a bishop. It really made me think more dearly about the sacrifices my own bishop gives to us.

It tells about the huge struggles in their marriage and how hard it is to find time when you are married to a bishop. It also speaks to making time for your own marriage by having dates and time together as a husband and wife.

Michele Ashman Bell is a very good story teller, she has provides very good character development and keeps you hanging on throughout the whole story. It kept me very interested and wanted to keep reading and reading until the book was done.

I recommend this book. It was a good book which I hope will help anyone be more committed to preserving their marriage and doing all that is possible to keep it strong.

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