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Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkeys and more Turkeys - It's gonna be FUN!

Brady has a Seminary devotional this week. He wanted to have one right before Thanksgiving so that we could do something fun. I decided to make little turkeys for his class. Aaahhhh aren't they cute??

Here is what you need to make these: M&M's. Brown ribbon, Brown Pipe Cleaners, Red Pipe Cleaners, Brown Nylon Tulle Circles, Googly eyes, Yellow Felt square, Scissors and a glue gun.

Pour 1/4 cup of M&M's in the center of the Tulle Circle.
Pull up the edges and tie with a ribbon. This is the hardest part - make sure ALL of the edges are up and above where you tie or it leaks.

Poke a brown pipe cleaner through the tulle where the base of the turkey neck should be.
Fold Brown Pipe Cleaner in half and then in half again (Fourths) and twist in to 1 solid turkey neck and head.
Put a LITTLE bit of glue at the bottom of the neck and push it up to the Tulle/M&Ms in order to support the neck in an upright position.
Cut the Red Pipe Cleaner in to 3rds.
Bend the piece of red pipe cleaner in half and twist. Then in half / kind of like a bulb at the end and twist the top - to form the gobble part (I don't know what it is called - LOL).
Glue to the neck under the head with a little bit of hot glue.

Add eyes and a triangle nose to the head.
Just the cutest turkeys ever!!! I have about 15 more to make before Wednesday. I love seminary devotionals!!
Now we need to come up with the scripture and talk. I have been really looking for a great one all month long. That is why I keep finding great quotes to add to my blog this month. Do you have a favorite one? Do you have any suggestions he could use to give a great devotional on Gratitude and Thank giving? I await your comments. I hope you loved our turkeys!!
We are just enjoying the journey with a thankful heart.

Cars, Airplanes, Movies, Happy Dances - it's a crazy life

Thursday when I returned home from work, I found out my car - a Pontiac Bonneville was broken and would not start. I also have a work car that his a Ford Escort station wagon and it is small. I have a very small single garage which I park my work car in full of supplies (plus my Bonneville would never fit) and I park my Bonneville in the area in front of the garage. Every time I go to work with my white work car, I have to back out my Bonneville then take out my work car, shut the garage doors and re-park my Bonneville. Yes, it is a little bit of work - but I like having my work car in my very small garage.
Any whooo - Thursday my Bonneville would not start. It would try - but wouldn't connect to the roar of the engine. I had to park my work car on the street because the Bonneville blocks the garage. I called my wonderful mechanic, Dan at Eur-Asian Motors and asked if they had time to take my car. They did and so I called my insurance agent and scheduled a tow. It was very windy - up to 50 miles per hour - when the tow truck came to pick up my car (poor tow truck man). He loaded my car and took it down to Dan.

This was Thursday, the night of the midnight Twilight party. I was suppose to come home and take a nap - but ended up getting all hyped up from car problems that I was unable to calm down enough to take any type of nap.

Friday, Dan called and told me that he started the car no problem... Great - doesn't that always happen? I told him of some things I noticed and he said it would check it out. Friday while we were getting ready for my 2nd viewing of Twilight, I received a phone call from Dan. They had my car fixed - it was the fuel pump and fuel filter. He checked to see if I could come and get my car - I couldn't because we were waiting for the movie. Dan told me he would meet me Saturday to pick up my car so I would have it on the weekend. He is so good to me -- How many times can you say that about a car mechanic?? Total cost was $368 - he said he wished I would quit having to have my cars fixed - but I said it was MUCH better then a car payment (which is true). Jason took me down Saturday to pick up my car (what a good son). When we got home with the car, we watched Iron Man. I had a tough time staying awake... I am still trying to recover from the late night Thursday - watching Twilight and getting up at 5AM that morning.

Since I am a divorced mom and have children, Brady has to spend a weekend every month at this Dad's house. This weekend was Brady's weekend to spend with his Dad in Salt Lake City, Utah. He flies to Salt Lake City on Southwest Airlines. He left at 7:00 AM Saturday morning, which meant we had to be up by 5:00 AM to get ready and be to the airport by 6:00 AM.

On Friday morning after staying up until 3AM for Twilight, I got up at 6:10 AM and made breakfast for Brady and went back to bed while he continued to get ready for school. At 7AM we pray together and read the scriptures before he goes to school. I got up again to pray - but I just didn't have it in me to read the scriptures (my eyes could not focus). He left for the bus and I went back to bed for another hour. I had to get up at 8AM to print Brady's airplane ticket. I originally thought Brady was going at 8AM Saturday morning and you can only print the ticket 24 hours in advance. When I got up I found out I was an hour late because he actually was scheduled at 7AM - I was worried that he would be last in line but it worked out that he was still in the A group.

Saturday we were up at 5AM to shower and ate breakfast then off to the airport. We arrived around 6AM and the airport was busy crazy. I told Brady to stand in the security line while I went to get my escort pass. I thought he understood that when he was at the front of the line to let people ahead of him and wait until I made it back with my pass. When I came back I looked and looked and couldn't see him - so I had to go to the back of the line. Brady went on through security - I saw him while waiting in line. I tried and tried to call him on his cell phone - but it was turned off. While I was still waiting in the security line, he FINALLY called me, I told him to go ahead to his gate because they would be loading in 10 minutes and if I made it then I would see him - if not then have a great trip. Of course, when I finally go there - he had already boarded. I was sad he was gone and I went through all that line to completely be useless to him in the terminal.

Brady has been flying to SLC every month since he was 4 years old. When he was 4 he traveled with a family friend who flew into SLC once a month and we scheduled the visits around him. When he turned 5 he was able to fly as an unaccompanied minor. He has been flying once a month for 10 years and now it is NO BIG DEAL for this little traveler.

He is getting to the point where is doesn't particularly like going anymore. He has always preferred to stay home - because his Dad isn't a good Dad at all -- hmmmm maybe that is why I am divorced. Any whooo I have a feeling it is coming to a close because at age 14 a child can make a choice. If Maurice had any parenting skills and really cared for his son - it would be a different story -but he isn't a very caring person - he doesn't really show any interest in being proud of his son or noticing how big he is getting, how smart he is... he never is proud of his son. He really doesn't have a relationship with his son on any personal level... Which is completely sad that he hasn't been a Dad during all of the many weekends for 10 years. (It's a long story that I won't write here - but that is the jest of it).

Brady returned Sunday at 4:45 PM which is hard for me this year because our church time is 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. I was able to attend sacrament meeting but no other classes.

Sunday was a HAPPY day - yes major HAPPY DANCES!!! I was released as a Relief Society Teacher - woo hoo... If you have been following my blog, you may know that I have really struggled being in Relief Society and Sunday School since I have been released as Primary President. I don't know why it is so very difficult for me ??? it just is ... I think teaching only once a month doesn't keep me motivated - or something.

WELL.... Yippeeeeee I have been called to be a PRIMARY TEACHER again... Oh happy dance. I'm not quite sure what class yet as they are moving things around. For me... I am needed and feel useful in Primary - to teach children... that is what I LOVE.... I am excited beyond words!!!
I couldn't stay to be set apart (a Priesthood Blessing by a member of our Bishopric) because I had to leave to pick up Brady from the airport. Brother Newby said he would come by my home that evening and Home Teach us and set me apart in my home if it was OK with the Bishop.
On the way from the Airport, Jason and Sharon called me and asked where I was (Luckily I wasn't in church with my cell phone going off). They had the Movie "Get Smart" and wanted to watch it with me. When we came home I started dinner and they put in the movie. The movie is great (Brady and I saw it at a dollar show and loved it). It is REALLY funny - I love Steve Carell.

Brother Newby came over and he was able to set me apart. I LOVE Priesthood blessings, it is so great to have this power available to us. I love when he comes and Home Teaches us... He is a great man!! I sent him home with lots of videos to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday - better then renting.. (Brother Newby's wife is also our piano teacher).

It has been a busy weekend... I am still tired from my late night Twilighting, early morning Saturday and my mom called me at 8:50 AM Sunday morning - no sleeping in for me (boo hoo)... I'm just not used to hardly any sleep. I think that is why we have children when we are young and not old like me.. NOT sleeping is a killer... LOL.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living in Thanksgiving Daily

Live in Thanksgiving Daily”

By Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love.

Think for a moment, if you will, of someone you know who is truly happy. We’ve all met those who seem to radiate happiness. They seem to smile more than others; they laugh more than others—just being around them makes us happier as well.
Now think of someone you know who isn’t happy at all. Perhaps they seem 10 years older than they are, drained of energy—perhaps they are angry or bitter or depressed.

What is the difference between them? What are the characteristics that differentiate the happy from the miserable? Is there something that unhappy people can do to be happier? I believe there is.

Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them. They make others feel better about themselves. They tend to be more humble, more joyful, more likable.

Now think of someone you know who is unhappy or resentful. Does this person live in thanksgiving daily?

I believe that many people are unhappy because they have not learned to be grateful. Some carry the burden of bitterness and resentfulness for many years. Some pass their days as though suffering a deep sadness they cannot name. Others are unhappy because life didn’t turn out the way they thought it would.

“If only I had money,” some might say to themselves, “then I could be happy.”

“If only I were better-looking.”

“If only I were smarter.”

“If only I had a new car, a college degree, a job, a wife, hair that wasn’t so frizzy.” (Or, in my case, if only I had more hair or I were 12 inches taller.)

If we only look around us, there are a thousand reasons for us not to be happy, and it is simplicity itself to blame our unhappiness on the things we lack in life. It doesn’t take any talent at all to find them. The problem is, the more we focus on the things we don’t have, the more unhappy and more resentful we become.

Those who live in thanksgiving daily, however, are usually among the world’s happiest people. And they make others happy as well.

Gratitude turns a meal into a feast and drudgery into delight. It softens our grief and heightens our pleasure. It turns the simple and common into the memorable and transcendent. It forges bonds of love and fosters loyalty and admiration.

Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love. But how do we make this part of who we are? May I suggest three things that will help as we strive to live in thanksgiving daily?

First, we must open our eyes.

Our minds have a marvelous capacity to notice the unusual. However, the opposite is true as well: The more often we see the things around us—even the beautiful and wonderful things—the more they become invisible to us.

That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds—even those we love.

Because we see things so often, we see them less and less.

Those who live in thanksgiving daily, however, have a way of opening their eyes and seeing the wonders and beauties of this world as though seeing them for the first time.

I encourage you to look around you. Notice the people you care about. Notice the fragrance of the flowers and the song of the birds. Notice and give thanks for the blue of the sky, the color of the leaves, and the white of the clouds. Enjoy every sight, every smell, every taste, every sound.

When we open our eyes and give thanks for the bountiful beauty of this life, we live in thanksgiving daily.

The second thing we can do is open our hearts.

We must let go of the negative emotions that bind our hearts and instead fill our souls with love, faith, and thanksgiving.

Anger, resentment, and bitterness stunt our spiritual growth. Would you bathe in impure water? Then why do we bathe our spirits with negative and bitter thoughts and feelings?

You can cleanse your heart. You don’t have to harbor thoughts and feelings that drag you down and destroy your spirit.

You can repent of uncleanliness. That is the miracle of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. You can become clean. You can cleanse your heart of impurity.

Begin the process today. Repent of those things you should repent of. Drink deeply of the living waters of the gospel. These latter days are a time of great spiritual thirst. Many in the world are searching, often intensely, for a source of refreshment that will quench their yearning for meaning and direction in their lives. The Lord provides the living water that can quench the burning thirst of those whose lives are parched by a drought of truth.

Pray with all your heart. Consider the love your Heavenly Father has for all His children. Open your heart to His cleansing word. Feast on the words of holy writ. Cherish the messages of modern-day prophets and apostles. Forgive others who have offended you. Don’t waste another moment feeling self-pity. Every day drain from your heart the feelings of resentment, rage, and defeat that do nothing but discourage and destroy. Fill your heart with those things that ennoble, encourage, and inspire.

The third thing we can do to live in thanksgiving daily is open our arms.

The blessings that come from opening our arms to others are among the choicest this earth has to offer.

As we strive to open our eyes, hearts, and arms, our step will become a little lighter, our smile will become a little brighter, and the darkness that sometimes broods over our lives will become a little lighter. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been an especially grateful person. Rejoice and think of what an impression you will make on those who thought they knew you. Think of how delightfully surprised they will be.

Be grateful. Every day is a new canvas—a new opportunity. Our beloved President Gordon B. Hinckley has said: “My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life, we ‘accentuate the positive.’ I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort” (Standing for Something [2000], 101).

Choice blessings await those who live in thanksgiving daily. “He who receiveth all things with thankfulness,” the Lord has promised, “shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more” (D&C 78:19).

Don’t wait to start. Open your eyes, open your hearts, and open your arms. I promise that as you do so, you will feel greater joy and happiness. Your life will have a new level of meaning. You will forge relationships that will transcend this life and endure through the eternities.

As a special witness, I bear solemn testimony that Jesus is the living Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. He asks that we believe in Him, that we learn of Him, that we strive to follow His teachings.

May we follow our Savior in all we do is my humble prayer.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am Grateful for Many Things!

Quote By Gordon B. Hickley

"Be grateful. How thankful we ought to be.

How comfortably we live. How very easy is life compared to what it once was

. . . . We have it so easy, so pleasant, so delightful.

We ride in cars that are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What a great season in the history of the world this is in which to be alive and in which to be young. "Sometimes I wish that I were as young as you are -- and then when I think of what I have been through I am glad I am not. But what a wonderful season to be alive. . . .

[We have] the miracles of medicine,

the miracles of science,

the miracles of communication, transportation, education --
what a wonderful time in which to live. Of all of these wondrous, challenging things with which we live, I hope you regard it a blessing to be alive in this great age of the world. . . . I hope you walk with gratitude in your hearts, really. Grateful people are respectful people. Grateful people are courteous people. Grateful people are kindlypeople.

Be grateful."

- Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cross Country Team Recognition Night

Friday night our Cross Country Team had a dinner and recognition night for all the runners and their families. The team purchased chicken and all the kids brought potluck items that were suppose to be UNHEALTHY. Since the season was over, it was time for the runners to partake of the joys of unhealthy food. This was due to the fact that when they are training - it's only healthy food!

Freshmen were assigned to bring the drinks of course. We brought root beer and sprite. Sophomores brought salads. Juniors and Seniors brought desserts. There was a ton of food!

Here is Brady standing in the line for the buffet.

Hmmmm which piece of the chicken do I want?? Maybe a drum stick!

Look at all the yummy choices. There was lots of food and I waited until the last to fill my plate and there was still a ton of food (which is usually a shock at a potluck).

After all of our tummys were full, they showed a DVD of the season. It was great, so much fun and so many memories caught on DVD. It was even more fun because they made a DVD for each family!! Memories for a lifetime!!

Then each runner was recognized by our great coaches - Head coach Rusty, Asst Coach Bryce and Liz. The coaches are young and lots of fun for the kids. I loved that Coach Rusty put together a packet of each runners time during each meet and how they improved. It was fantastic!

Brady did not letter this year, but received a certificate. They gave out fun little gifts to each child who did not letter this year. Brady's fun little gift was silly putty and if you knew Brady you would know why. Brady is a hoot - he always is silly and keeps everyone laughing. When they started talking about the silly kid on the team - you could hear all the other runners say it's Brady.. We are a fun family - I hope he gets his light heartiness and silliness from me. That is truly the way to enjoy life. Brady has a very contagious laugh - in every class he has had through out the years it has been one thing that has always been commented about him (All teachers have really enjoyed Brady for this trait).

It was a great evening. I am very thankful for great coaches who give so much to lead and help these athletes! I am sure they don't make a bunch of money - and they spend a lot of extra time throughout the season sacrificing their life for these kids. I really appreciate them and all they have done for my son this year. It was a wonderful experience.
The party started at 7PM and I had made plans with Cherie and her friends to run to the theater for our Twilight tickets at 9PM. I was late getting to Cheries, but they waited for me. The reason we were all going Friday night was because as we were looking at our confirmation information from Fandango - we all were in different theaters. Some were in 3, others in 6 and I was in theater 8. Since this is a party, we all wanted to be in the same theater. The theater told us if we came down, they would change the tickets to all the same theater. When we arrived a manger told us there would not be a problem and we would all be in the same theater. He didn't change our tickets and I really hope there won't be a problem - it just won't be the same if we are not all together. However, we DID get our actual ticket and don't have to wait in line to get the ticket from the Fandango machine - yeah!!
I am really excited for the movie - only 4 more days!! It was one fun Friday night!!

Recipe for Oatmeal Drop Cookies

Oatmeal Drop Cookies

1 cup Shortening, soft
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1/3 cup milk, sweet or sour (I used plain milk)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups oatmeal
2 cups sifted flour
1 teaspoon soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

Mix shortening and sugars together.

Add eggs, milk and vanilla and mix.

After it is well mixed, add the oatmeal and mix.

Add dry ingredients, flour, soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg to sifter. Add to mixture and beat until well mixed.

Add chopped nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, or coconut to the dough for variety. I made oatmeal raisin cookies here for the preparedness fair our ward had on Saturday.
Drop by teaspoon full onto greased cookie sheets. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes.
Mmmmmm yummy. One of the best recipes I have found for oatmeal cookies. I know you will love it too! Enjoy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Things you could do TODAY, to start to show gratitude

Start a gratitude journal.

Tell someone you love, how much you appreciate them.

Send a thank you note to someone.

Start a list of things that make you happy.

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

Sit down to dinner and share something you are grateful for today.

Copy a quote about gratitude and put it on your fridge (or somewhere else you will see it often).

Give something away.

Do something nice for someone else.

Give at least five compliments to people you see.

Be more obedient to one of the Lord's commandments.

Start and end your day with a grateful thought.

Make a scrapbook page about something you are thankful for.

Give thanks before meals.

Make a Thanksgiving Spot on a bulletin board or refrigerator are great places to let family members “post” things they are thankful for.

My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life, we 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look a little deeper for good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort. -Gordon B. Hinckley (Standing for Something)

▪ Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. –Melody Beattie

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rainy Days and Happy Days!

It has been raining this past week. I love rain and am grateful for rain and rainbows. I love how rain cleanses the earth. On rainy days, I love building a fire and reading a book. I am thankful for rain!

Monday, Brady told me he needed to get a hair cut. I was totally shocked! I usually have to beg, plead and demand to convience him to have his hair cut. But now he was asking for one. His hair is pretty thick and he has curls (from me) when it gets long. Jason is the same way and neither of my boys can really have long hair without it looking bushy. On Tuesday when Brady came home from school we went to get a hair cut. We had to go to 2 different shops because the first one was busy. It is always a shock when he gets all of his curly locks cut off. He is just such a cute kid.

Yesterday I received a special package in the mail from my blogging friend, Ann Marie. It made my day – I was giddy – A present for me?? Not a bill in the mail but an actual present?? I tore into the package with excitement! Ahhhhh how fun!! In the package was a beautiful homemade card, a white doily and 5 heavy duty magnets. The 2 metal plates say “Dream and Family” and 3 tiles say “Live, Love Laugh”. I LOVE it! Ann Marie you are such a sweet heart and very talented. Thank you so much for brightening my day!

Last night was Young Men’s Program for Brady. They were playing dodge ball. Brady really HATES playing dodge ball. I wonder when that became a sport. They have stake tournaments for dodge ball. What happened to basketball, baseball or football? I could even handle volleyball or table tennis, soccer.... but throwing a ball at someone with force to get them out?? I just don’t understand this sometimes. Brady called and I came and got him from Y/M because he didn’t want to participate. Sometimes I get a little frustrated at some of the things they do – over all it’s a great program – but some weeks are not uplifting or valuable for him and he comes home instead to finish homework or I try to do something with him. Last night we were lazy – the Disney channel had a show called “The Luck of the Irish” which we watched and it was really cute.

I purchased Twilight tickets yesterday for Sharon and me!! We are set to go to the midnight showing. I am really excited!! Jason is going to stay home with Brady. There is no way I would let him stay home sleeping in the house alone until 2AM. I am much happier that Jason will be home with him. We are set to go – I am excited only 7 more days… Yippieeeeee!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am Thankful for Temples

I am very thankful for Temples, a holy house dedicated as the house of the Lord.

Temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are holy places of worship where the Lord may visit. Only the home can compare with temples in sacredness.
Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. Today the Church is heeding the Lord’s call to build temples all over the world, making temple blessings more available for a great number of our Heavenly Father’s children.
Ordinances for the Living
The principal purpose of temples is to provide the ordinances necessary for our exaltation in the celestial kingdom. Temple ordinances lead to the greatest blessings available through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. All we do in the Church—our meetings and activities, our missionary efforts, the lessons we teach and the hymns we sing—should point us to the Savior and the work we do in holy temples.
One ordinance we receive in the temple is the endowment. The word endowment means “gift,” and the temple endowment truly is a gift from God. The ordinance consists of a series of instructions and includes covenants we make to live righteously and comply with the requirements of the gospel. The endowment helps us focus on the Savior, His role in our Heavenly Father’s plan, and our commitment to follow Him.
Another temple ordinance is celestial marriage, in which husband and wife are sealed to one another for eternity. A sealing performed in the temple continues forever if the husband and wife are faithful to the covenants they make.

This is Brady outside the Twin Falls, Idaho temple. He was able to tour the temple before it was dedicated to the Lord.

I consider the Salt Lake City, Utah temple - "My Temple". This is the temple I went to the first time to take out my own endowments and to be married. I was married on April 6, 1993.

I really loved this picture showing a mother with her children and the temple in the back ground. I treasure the thought of being linked or sealed together forever. To have my children with me after we die in heaven is such a great blessing.
This is a picture of the day I was married with my little guy - Jason. Jason was finally sealed to me and my ex-husband (sorry about the "ex" there). Even though I am divorced, I am still sealed to my children and have the promise that I can have an eternal family when I die. I don't think I will be with my ex-husband (even though I am still sealed to him) in heaven. I believe my Father in Heaven will let me be happy and there are lots of men in heaven who have died in wars and such that don't have wives. I know there is a wonderful man in heaven for me - if I never get the opportunity to marry again in this lifetime.

This is the Boise, Idaho temple that I can attend anytime I want to. It is a place to reflect on heavenly things. Things that really matter in life. I love the peaceful, spiritual feelings I have when I attend the temple. My time there always renews my spirit and I feel closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father.
I am very thankful we have temples on the earth. That we have the authority from Heavenly Father to perform ordinances that seal us together forever.
One of my favorite primary songs is "I love to see the temple" here are the words:
I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray.
For the temple is the house of God, A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young; This is my sacred duty.
I love to see the temple, I'll go inside someday.
I'll covenant with my Father, I'll promise to obey.
For the temple is a holy place, where we are sealed together.
As a child of God, I've learned this truth, A Family is forever.
Here is a re-cap of my thankful November journal:
11-1: I am thankful for living in a free country

11-2: I am thankful for our beautiful world

11-3: The blessings of having a grateful heart
11-4: I am thankful for the freedom to vote
11-5: I am thankful for fire fighters

11-6: I am thankful for music which calms my soul

11-7: I am thankful for the young men's program and for their service.

11-8: I am thankful for the scriptures

11-9: I am thankful for a living prophet

11-10: I am thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for me.

11 -11: I am thankful for blogging friends and for blogging awards - woo hoo!

11-12: I am thankful for Temples.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogger Awards

I am the proud blogger of two friendship blogger awards from Scrappy Girl. She is very kind!! She gave me this award in October - but I never picked it up. I still fell new to the blogging world and am trying to figure it all out. The awards are pretty fun. I see them often while I browse sites. Now I am a proud owner of awards - how fun is that?

Today while checking out scrappy girls blog - she has awarded me another one. I really feel special!! I finally decided to get them picked up. Thanks again - it makes my day! I think you are quite a wonderful blogger too!

Thanks again!


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