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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deal of the Day - SPOOKTACULAR!

My mixer has been on it's last leg for some time. I have been checking ad's regularly and saving to purchase a new one. I wanted a big one that could handle all of the cooking I do. I have been tired of the little ones I have had in the past. Small ones or ones not powerful enough to mix divinity, good whipped cream, bread and other items that need a good mixer. I've been shopping around for the best price and finally I have found one!! Yippie!!

In Sunday's paper, I found a big mixer for only $99.00 after the $30.00 rebate. It was in JC Penney's ad. On Friday, I decided to go to the store, check it out and purchase it. When I got there, I couldn't find the mixer. There wasn't a sign, I didn't bring the ad and I just couldn't find it. Finally a sales associate came to my rescue and we went to check the ad. I couldn't find the mixer I saw in the Sunday ad. I thought.... maybe it was in another store ad and I was mistaken. So, I left the store empty handed.... Darn! I wasn't too happy that I made a trip to the mall (which I hate) and didn't have the ad in hand. What was I thinking???

When I arrived home, I pulled out last week's Sunday ads. I looked through several and finally came to JC Penneys. Wait.... this wasn't the ad the clerk showed me... AND IT WAS AT JC PENNEY'S... THE MIXER.... I was a little steaming mad that they let a customer leave the store because their sales associate was clueless to what was on sale and apparently had the wrong ad.

Saturday morning, I got dressed and drove down to the dreaded mall again.... There it was... The item I have been looking for.. Sweet Success...

Regular price: $299
Sale price: $129
Mail in Rebate: $30
Savings --- Ready --- $200.. Yippie!! I am so very excited.

Here it is!!

Commercial Size mixer!! I am very excited!!

I pull it out of the box and look everything over. I haven't ever had a mixer this nice!! Love it!! Love it!!!

Old Sunbeam mixer - on it's last leg... versus my new commercial mixer. I've played around with it and now I get to COOK with it.. Oh, the things I'm going to make!! It was such a great deal that I am glad I have been looking around and found such a great deal! It makes me so very happy... I am sure it will make me feel like a professional cook - oh the joy!!!


Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh! My mom had that old mixer of yours.. Oh, the memories!

I have needed a kitchen aid, but the other night at Stake Leadership, the stake RS president makes all of her bread, and swears by her bosch(sp?) She is teaching a bread making class in 2 weeks, so I'll have to investigate more... I'm not thrilled to be dropping that much $$ into one though!

Sorry you had to make 2 trips! They should have given you even more of a discount! :)

Scrappy Girl said...

Don't ya just love a great deal and it sounds like you got one. Another thing I love....getting a new toy for something I love to do!

Zoey said...

It looks fun! Are you enjoying it???


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