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Friday, October 17, 2008

Rotating Powdered Milk

Since I have started to store Powdered Milk in my food storage, I have decided to keep a pitcher in the refrigerator of mixed powdered milk. Now when I need milk while baking, I grab my powdered milk mix. This way I am rotating my milk.

This week I have used it in:

French toast
Mashed potatoes
Bread making
Alfredo Sauce
Scrambled Eggs

I find I am using 1 pitcher (or 1 quart water and 2/3 cup powdered milk) each week. Now I know that my powdered milk will be rotated before it goes bad. I hope this help give you some ideas on rotating food storage.

As a side note, I purchased this really cool pitcher with my powdered milk combo from emergency preparedness - here is the link:

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