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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Two Sons - typical boys

My two sons always gravitate to the computer, PlayStation, X-Box and now Jason's favorite thing is the new iPod touch.

Jason plays games on his iPod consistently. Every time he comes home, he has to show me new features or new games on his iPod. He is totally addicted to it, which couldn't possible be elevated by the fact that he works as a customer support person for the iPod product. He is really good at all the nuts and bolts on how an iPod works, has super customer service skills and is a huge assets at his job. Customers love him as well as his bosses. He is a very dependable dedicated employee.

He loves Apple products and a couple of weeks ago Jason found a great deal on a MAC computer off of Craig's list. He only paid $400 for a system and he is one happy camper. I am really happy that he found such a great deal.

I told you how we finally loaded Brady's iPod with his kind of songs and now his ear plugs are always in. When Jason loaded his iPod he gave Brady $20 at the iTunes store. Several months later, Brady still has not purchased one song. Jason decided to sit down with Brady to add songs from iTunes to his iPod. Unfortunately Brady didn't have a bunch of time to work on it because he was on his way to help Jeremy, one of the Boys Scouts from our troop on his Eagle project.

For Brady's birthday he wanted Rock band for his PlayStation 2. He loves playing the guitar the most. Lately he really has gotten into all of the "Rock" songs from my generation (which I think is funny that they have become popular again). I like some of the songs - but most of them were such hard rock that I didn't even like them when I was a teen. Several times I have to turn down the TV because it gives me a head ache. No, I am not the Rocking Mom you all thought I was - but I do my best. LOL! He's such a cute kid.

As some of you have probably seen from pictures posted of Jason, you probably have guessed he doesn't look like a typical Mormon boy. Unfortunately Jason is one of our lost sheep and is very inactive in the LDS Church. I know he has a testimony way deep inside of him that will come back some day. He knows what is true and it does come up in conversation here and there. However, at this time in his life he has tattoos and gaged ears which I don't particularly like. Jason has his own look which has been quite shocking. I love my son even if some of his choices are not my favorite.

The best thing I can do is just love him and be there for him. I wouldn't ever want a point in my life where he couldn't come to me for advise or any support he needs during this trek through life we have. Even though he has chosen to change the outside of his body, the inside of him is such a great person. He really is a good person who also would do anything for anyone. He has a good work ethic and is dependable. He wants to do the right thing. He doesn't get in trouble with the law and tries to be a good citizen. Over all, he is a great kid if you can look past some of the outside options he has decorated his body with.

His gaged ears - which I TOTALLY don't understand - but what can I do?

They call him MR. POTATO HEAD... Yes, you can chuckle. It is pretty funny and does make me laugh. He has accessories - a tear and a mustache on his fingers. What can you do - just keep on laughing... it is pretty funny when he puts up a tear when I am complaining. or when he is in trouble he puts up his mustache to disguise his guilt - because he is always innocent... wait that is my line. ... LOL!

This is another stage he went through - arrrgh! A mow hawk... Which was so embarrassing when we'd go to dinner or out somewhere. Luckily that stage has passed.

Now that I have shocked the pants off all my readers -- I hope you can still be my friend. I am quit normal and have a testimony... These are just a few of the trials I have gone through... I am still here, loving and supportive --- AND loving my two sons.

I have to say one thing--- as the church moves forward, we will have many people join or come back who have tattoos and other items that are quit shocking. It is our responsibility to love all our brothers and sisters and fellowship them. There won't be anything they can do about these tattoos and we will love them anyway. Don't let the outer part of someones body deter you from befriending them and loving them. We are all children of our Heavenly Father and need a hand up now and then. It is my hope that some day Jason will return to church again. It is my fervent prayer that members will love and support him and accept him when he finally comes back into the fold.

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Ann Marie said...

Many people have shared the same trials and heartaches you do as well. I think you would be surprised that most wouldn't judge you...

I have been through my own "black sheep" days, and I know I put my parents through alot of pain and grief, but one thing during it all, they always loved me. Being loved is something we all desire to be, and have. When you truly love someone, you take them the way they are. I am so grateful my parents showed me unconditional love at all stages in my life...
You don't have to embrace any sins, just the sinners.. :)


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