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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My book review for "Heart of the Rose"

Another book borrowed from Marilee. I was excited to read another book written by Alene Roberts. I read a book called "A Butterfly in the Winter" by her and LOVED it! I also borrowed that from Marilee last year. "A Butterfly in the Winter" is an awesome book that I will own one day.

This book "Heart of the Rose" was good too - but not as good as "A Butterfly in the Winter". Also a good book to read once.

The one thing I liked about this book is the male is 29 years old and the girl is 28 years old. Since I didn't get married until I was 30 - it's nice to read about romance at an older age and it actually being true love and all that!

The other thing I loved about his book is the high moral standards the characters have. I loved the message and standards. If only I had been better at moral standards when young - I am sure I would still be happily married today. But, as you know... I was a single mother at age 22 which kind of changed my life and the guys who would date me.

In the book they shared this news article and I am going to share it with you:

Confidentially Yours
By Mary Marker

Dear Mary Marker:
I have just started dating and I want to know what harm there is in kissing boys I go out with? L.M.

Dear L.M.:
To prepare for marriage, you will have gone with a great many nice boys. For that is the way you will develop understanding, judgement, and the right standards on which to base a marriage. You are just beginning your dating now, and if you see this boy every evening you are in a sense "going steady" with him -- or at least other boys will think so and won't invite you to go out. So I would definitely restrict dates to not more than two a week. Spend some of your other evenings with your girl friends, and when possible go with other boys. At your age it is lots more fun to have variety in friendships - both boys and girls - than it would be to have one boy friend or just one girl friend. There isn't any harm in kissing L.M. when it is the right person, the right time, and the right age. In fact it is so special, if it means anything at all, it is well worth saving for that very special "person and time".
You wouldn't expect to wear your best party dress to scrub the floor, and still have it nice enough to make a big impression on your beau at a party. and neither can you expect to indulge in indiscriminate kissing with the boys you will be going out with in the next few years - and still have it mean anything when you finally do meet the boy you really care for. Incidentally, the boys will be far more intrigued with you if you stick to your own ideas in such matters. There is no need to be prissy about it, just be indifferent or laugh it off. But remember to save your party dresses for parties, and your kisses for the time when they will mean something sacred and wonderful to you!

The other thing I liked about the book was that the girl was a klutz. I laughed out loud several times. It was cute! I read the book in 2 days - it did keep me entertained!

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