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Friday, October 31, 2008

It's a scream! Yo Ho...

Mom, this year I want to be a pirate for Halloween...

"Sure Brady - no problem.. Let's go to the store"

We go to the store and only find Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise - it wasn't really what Brady had in mind.

Hay Mom, this shirt is kind of cool - what about this hat. Can I paint my hair black?? Sure Brady, no problem.

You should get the long pirate hair -- no way Mom -- I am NOT gonna wear that !!! We'll just paint my hair black.

Halloween day arrives. Brady gets home from school and starts to get ready to go to a Halloween party with his friend Taylor.

The shirt works out great.. Do you want me to iron it... NO Mom... Pirates don't have ironed shirts. It's pretty see through - I'd better wear a t-shirt and be modest.

Oh... your such a wonderful young man -- good thinking!!!

I really hate this hat... I am not wearing that - let's just paint my hair black.

OK... fine....

Do you like the black hair?? - Not to mention the black eye liner under his eyes... weird... Yo ho!

Oh yeah! Don't you just love my necklace? Cool..

I have my sword ready - I'm done.

Don't you think maybe you should put whiskers on your face? NO WAY!!!!
This is it?? You're Done?? You're not gonna wear the hat??

Right Mom, I'm done... Now can I go now??

This is all a young teenager will wear to scare off the girls..
Just kidding... He has to keep it cool - to catch all the girls.. LOL

Brady and his friend Taylor that I swiped off of Bakow Babble. Thanks Cherie -- I hope you don't mind. It is a very cute picture. Taylor looks very nerdy... oh, wait he is a nerd for Halloween. They had a great time together.


Ann Marie said...

I think his costume looks great!
If I were I guy, and looking to catch the ladies, I would so go as Edward. Who wouldn't want to be with Edward??

Loved the Obama Haunted house picture! Hilarious! I'm kinda scared for tuesday....

Scrappy Girl said...

Such a cute pirate...he's too sweet to be a pirate!


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