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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Idaho warns public about possible flu pandemic

I hope that we are all working on getting prepared for a possible flu pandemic along with our food storage. I have been reading about this and how to get prepared. I have my face masks and medicine, Clorox and this month my goal is to get rolls of plastic to quarantine off a room in my home in case of a pandemic. This is a very good reminder to get prepared.

A great website I follow for preparation for emergencies, food storage and pandemic is:

Here is the article from KTVB News channel and the Idaho pandemic website.

BOISE -- It's not your typical flu, and now the state of Idaho is warning everyone about the possibility of a national flu pandemic.

The world has seen three in the last century that left millions dead.

Health officials have warned a flu pandemic will happen again and the federal government wants states to get prepared now.

Aside from a new Web site,, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare just launched a month-long media campaign to get the message of being prepared out to Idahoans.

"There is no better time to prepare than now," said Gov. Butch Otter.

On this new Web site you'll find history and facts on a flu pandemic.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says it spreads easily and can sweep the world in a very short time.

The U.S. has been working the World Health Organization to detect and respond to outbreaks of influenza that could mutate into a flu pandemic and now the federal government wants states to be involved in that preparation.

"So I ask you to do this for your family, and your community are you ready?" said Gov. Otter in a radio ad.
The federal government earmarked just over $50,000 for Idaho to run the media campaign, including radio ads as well as the launch of the Web site, which includes tips on how to be prepared.

"We will have another pandemic someday so if people can be prepared if they do have two weeks of food at home and if businesses are ready then we can possibly stop the spread of the disease within our communities and protect people," said Tom Shanahan, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare spokesman.
Shanahan says 90 years ago a huge flu pandemic left 50 million people dead.

And although our technology and medicine has improved, he says its hard to defend against the flu pandemic.

"It's a virus that no one has immunity to so we can't make a vaccine beforehand because we haven't seen it yet," said Shanahan.

"We don't know when the next flu pandemic will strike but we do know that preparing today will save lives tomorrow," said Otter.

The federal government says preparing for the flu pandemic is just like preparing for any disaster.

The media campaign in Idaho will wrap up at the end of October, but the Web site is permanent and will be updated with any new information about a flu pandemic.


Ann Marie said...

Being the Germaphobe that I am, :) I need to get some masks and plastic, and some extra gloves for my emergency prepardness items too. Thanks for the reminder..

PS:I don't know how you can post so much. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my one a day.. You go girl!

Scrappy Girl said...

I am getting out my pamphlets and working on it this weekend. Scary stuff... I really hope it doesn't happen. The world could use some "calm."


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