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Friday, October 10, 2008

Brrrrrr it's cold out there!

Brrrrrrrrrrr it's so very cold! 5:15PM Friday night - it is actually snowing outside right now!!

Fall has arrived! It is officially cold - brrrrrrrrrrr! A couple of days ago we had our first hard freeze tipping the temperature down to 31 degrees - this weekend forecast down to 23 degrees. It will be snowing in the mountains tonight! It is windy, cold and only 43 degrees for the high today. I built our first fire for the season yesterday and have had one going all day long. It seems like this cold weather has come with a bang - and fast!

I love having a fire. The popping and cracking, the warmth. It is one thing that I love when the weather turns cold outside.

Can you notice the spiders that have come to rest inside during this very cold day? Maybe a closer look... We love spiders here....

Yes, we have a very scary house! But one that is full of Faith and Love!

As I have been warming up next to our fireplace on this dreary day, watching news, the stock market and news conferences, it has been hard not to have feelings of panic. As the economic situation worsens, many people are beginning to panic. It’s important to remember that fear cannot improve any situation, and in fact, will make it far more difficult to manage the difficult times. Even if you haven’t prepared in the past, it’s not too late to begin to make small preparations for the future. Even a little preparation will build your confidence and peace of mind, and ease the harder times which might be coming. If you haven't started preparing - there is still time. Do a little every week - don't go into debt preparing which defeats the purpose. Do a little at a time and it will add up. There is so much information helping us prepare and know how to use our food storage. Don't be fearful, don't panic.. just start preparing now.

I am thankful for the food storage we have on hand, firewood, and some money saved. It is our task to be prepared and not fear. "We should be enjoying the journey" have peace of mind, keep our faith, love our family and increase our testimony. I continue to work on feeling calm and happiness - I hate being depressed or fearful. Sometimes it's better said then done - most of the time I have to turn off the TV and listen to music and read a good book. It always calms me which brings calmness to my family. Sometimes while I talk to my children about the economy, Brady gets sad for the future he has planned. I don't like to give him any suggestion that the future won't be great for him. It will!! He needs to continue to study hard, get a good education, be virtuous, honor his priesthood and have faith. He can have the best life he wants - it just takes work and being wise in his decisions. I have to be optimistic! We have to be optimistic for our children. Their future is bright and we will be OK!

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Scrappy Girl said...

Great thoughts about this scary time!


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