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Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping Deals

My Saturday shopping spree - I SAVED a total of $109.70 on the items below. I know I didn't get these items for free, but any savings on things I need is worth it to me. Making that dollar stretch as far as possible. It was a good savings day, I try everyday to be frugal and save.

My Great deal from Staples: I had to go by Staples to purchase ink for my Dell printer and Staples now carries the ink cartridges, which saves me from purchasing them directly from Dell. It's a lot quicker and I don't have to pay shipping. While I was there, they had these savings:
HP Photo paper for 1/2 off. For 100 sheets it was only $17.49 . Total savings was $17.50
5 reams of copy paper was $24.99 and I'll receive 1/2 of that back in rewards with my Staples rewards card. Instead of each ream being $5 each, they will only be $2.50 each. Great deal... plus I receive 10% savings on my rewards card for the ink cartridges I purchased.
Total Savings: $30.00

From Walmart, everything purchased above had a manufacturing coupon.
SubTotal: $63.53
Coupons: -$21.02
Total: $42.51

This week at Albertsons, they have their spices for 1/2 off. I dropped by to purchase a couple of spices I was running low on. While I was there, they had a clearance shelf and they had these Glad plug-ins for only $1.00. I just purchased some at Walmart before I went to Albertsons for $2.97 each.. Woo hoo... I couldn't pass purchasing all of them - Qty 12. I love plug ins and vanilla is my favorite!! As a side note, Albertsons price for the snack pack was $3.00 cheaper then Walmart. I like buying the small bags, because when I buy a regular bag of chips - they always go bad before we actually eat them - wasting money.
Total savings: $58.68
Total purchase: $39.99


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