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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deals of the week

I am going to include in my blog all of the great deals I purchase. This was from last weeks Alberston's ad. It ended last night, and I had to run over last night and purchase my items before it was too late. Next time, I will get it on my site before it is over.

My total was $45.22.
Total savings $65.74 (more then I paid out).

6 bottles of 409. Reg. $3.49 ea on sale $2. and I had a $1 off coupon.
10 Quaker Chewy Granola bars.
Reg $3.49 ea, on sale $1.50. I had Qty 2 $1 off coupon if you purchased 3. You had to purchase Qty 10 to get the sale price.
10 Quaker fruit and cream oatmeal pkg of 10 ea. Reg $4.39 on sale for $2.
I also purchased a large bottle of Mrs. Butterworth Syrup because my current one is almost out (due to making breakfast everyday) $8.49 (not on sale, shucks).

And at the bottom of my picture are the free samples I received this week in the mail. A Mr. Clean sponge and Cascade complete/dawn tablets Qty 2. I love free samples.

The new Albertsons ad came out today. On sale this week is Campbell's tomato and chicken noodle soup and broth for .50 each. You need to purchase 20 for $10. Great stock up item. I need to get more chicken noodle soup. This is a favorite of Bradys to quickly put in the microwave when he is hungry after school, when I am working in the evening or at a meeting and he has to fend for himself. You can check out the ad on-line at this link:

They also have 16 oz long grain rice 10 for $10 - that's only $1 each - a great food storage item to purchase with the huge increase in the price of rice.

They have Green Giant vegetables $.49 ea for the first 6

Three day sale through Saturday: Chuck Roast $1.97 lb and Whole fryers, legs, or thigh for $.97 lb.

These are the great sale items I found in this weeks ad. I hope it helps others start getting their food storage going. We need to be prepared.

Don't forget this trick (Rhonda my sister in law taught me this). While going through the ads each Sunday's paper.. have a pad and pencil and record the sale price and where you find it. When you go to Walmart, take the ads and your notes - they will match all prices without you having to go to all those different stores. I love the one stop, save gas, shopping. Thanks Rhonda for your great example of saving money (she got me hooked on the whole Alberston ad shopping too - with coupons). Now I am always trying to save every last cent of my hard earned money - that's the goal.

"Oh be wise, what can I say more" Jacob 6:12

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Ann Marie said...

Hi Sondra-
Thanks again for your comments. No matter what, keep the blog. You can print it off like a journal! You never know who's looking... I have lots of people that read my blog regularly, and have never commented. I wish everyone did, so I could meet everyone! :) Do you have a sitemeter? If you don't it's a good thing to have one. Then you can see who's checking it out, and keywords they use to find you. Just about everything *old-fashioned * that's googled gets sent to my blog. Funny...

Anyways, you never know when you'll be a light for someone else. Maybe something you post, or maybe even the situation in life you are in. We all can relate to someone!


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