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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Family 7/13/2008

What a wonderful family we are! We have a bunch of fun together and enjoy each others sense of humor. Life in our home is very comfortable and un-rushed. Sometimes we are too much of home bodies and hate to venture outside of our comfort zone and get out in the world and mingle.
It's been a very cozy weekend. My youngest son, Brady has been mowing the lawn lately and I just love it!! It's nice to have extra help on all the maintenance of the yard. This year my yard looks lovely - the best it has looked in years. I have really worked hard and it really has come together.
OK - I am cheating, this picture is from 2007. The first time Brady mowed the lawn.

My oldest son Jason lives here off and on. He spends a lot of time with his girlfriend. He has really been focused on the IPOD touch upgrade this weekend. That is all he has been talking about and trying to get on their website to down load the software update. His girlfriends car broke down Saturday night - I just hate car problems. Hopefully it won't be too much money...
Brady has been working on Scouting and Duty to God requirements. He will be 14 soon and he is pushing to get all of the requirements done. It will be a big push to get them completed. He won't be able to get his Eagle until after he is 14. I dread the big Eagle project...

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